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Important Facts AboutDhatu Rog That You Should Know

Dhatu rog is a medical condition that can affect you at any age. The condition is commonly identified as Dhat syndrome in Ayurveda. Even though this condition affects men, in a few cases it can also affect women.

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  • A person suffering from this condition often passes white semen along with the urine
  • Individuals having dhatu rog are unable to focus on any task
  • They face weakness on account of reduced appetite

Types of Dhatu Rog

All types of Dhatu rog may not be the same. In some cases, individuals may only suffer from Dhat while in other cases they might even suffer from depression and anxiety.

The moment the condition starts getting severe, individuals might also suffer from Erectile Dysfunction related issues. The condition might elevate on account of weak nerves and neurosis condition. In any case, you may need to search for the best Dhatu rog Treatment Prayagraj Allahabad options.

Common misconceptions

Dhatu rog is a condition when the individual will start losing excess semen in the urine. Patients suffering from this condition often feel they have higher chances of impotency.

To a certain extent, individuals might feel weakness as they have already lost their semen. This might still not lead to impotency. The condition needs to be treated on time and Ayurvedic medicines are the best options. You can look around for Dhatu rog Treatment Prayagraj Allahabad or consult an expert.

Common causes

Dhatu is a condition that is mainly on account of weak nerves in the penile region. So if your reproductive system is weak then you should consult ArthAyurvedic Clinic without fail.

In other cases, the condition might also elevate because of a poorly managed lifestyle. People suffering from constipation have a greater chance to develop this condition. If your liver is not functioning well then you can develop dhatu rog.